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State Accounting

In-State Travel

Reference Materials

In-State Travel Reimbursement Summary   Summary of Reimbursement Guidelines

Meal Receipt FAQ   Requirements resulting from Executive Order Number 13

Hotel, Motel, and B&B Guide   GSE's guide of contract rates (not the reimbursable rate) for participating hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts in Iowa

State-Sponsored Conferences  Conferences sponsored by the state, including
registration and meal costs

Conference Sponsorship Justification  Department of Management submittal form

Travel Policy and Procedures, Section 210   Accounting Policy and Procedures Manual

Travel Documents

TA (PERM) Travel Advance Word Version Excel Version
TE      Travel Encumbrance Word Version Excel Version
TP      Travel Payment, Acct Lines Word Version Excel Version
TPO   Travel Payment Overpayment Word Version Excel Version
TPN   Travel Payment Non-Reverted Word Version Excel Version
TPR   Travel Payment Reverted Word Version Excel Version

For more information, contact your department’s accounting personnel or Trina Brietske, DAS-SAE, at (515) 281-4497.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual departments may have more restrictive travel policies in place. Before you make travel plans, check with your department’s accounting personnel. General guidelines are provided on this site by the State Accounting Enterprise for travel reimbursement for state employees.